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SmartDocs 100 - Express (100-E)

As a SmartDocs Express user, you will learn all of the SmartDocs capabilities that are available in this course including working with document automation in SmartBuilders. Each of SmartDocs' core features will be explained along with how-to instruction for everything you can do in your new SmartDocs environment.
  • Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • Reusable Variables
  • Introduction to Variables
  • Inserting Variables
  • Updating Variable Values
  • Importing Variables
  • Reusable Snippets
  • Introduction to Snippets
  • Finding, Viewing, and Inserting Snippets
  • Using SmartFinders
  • Customizing Snippet Content
  • Additional Snippets Actions
  • Conditional Text
  • Introduction to Conditional Text
  • Using Conditional Text
  • SmartBuilders
  • Introduction to SmartBuilders
  • Using a Single SmartBuilder
  • Using Multiple SmartBuilders
  • Course Wrap-up
  • Publishing Documents
  • Content Status
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed